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All Live Sessions take place on your computer via Zoom

LEARN The 6 KEY Elements for Creating GREAT VO Recordings!

You won’t learn by watching others.
This is the course TO DO THAT!

Total Investment – $350

Reviewers Welcome!

Have you already been through the program and want a refresher?

Larry Hudson does a fabulous and thorough job of walking you through step by step to take you editing abilities to the next level. Best bargain out there, bar none!!! Boom!!!

Karen R.

Take Larry’s Course if you are interested in learning to record and edit for your VO career. My wife and I both took his Course and we swear by Larry’s great support system. It’s WORTH THE BUCKS AND MORE. 5 STARTS!!!

S. Latham

There is a reason I call Larry Hudson my favorite “Mensch.” There are other classes out there but are a fraction of the training Larry gives. I would say if you are looking for a passionate instructor who cares deeply about their students, then this is the Course you want to take!

Mike R.

I found the 5 week course to be priceless! The information you teach is so helpful in cutting down time in editing & mastering. This whole class was just imperative for the Audacity user!!

Kathy V.

I am not a technical savvy person. I when I started my VO career I tried to learn Audacity via YouTube, I felt overwhelmed. Someone recommended Larry Hudson’s Course and I went for it. His Audacity Course teaches you more than you could ever learn from a video. I was up and running within the first week. His Course gave me the skills and confidence I needed to get my audiobook career on track.

Monique B.

I just finished listening to the first Audacity class and just want to say: YOU ROCK! This was absolutely fabulous and just what I needed. I can’t tell you how many problems have been solved and how much more confident I feel now using these tools!

Kerri P.

I took Larry’s Audacity course the last time it was offered and WOW!  Audacity had been my choice of recording software for years, but I had no idea what I didn’t know about the software.  His course has saved me so much time when recording and editing!  Well worth every penny. Larry is a great teacher, very patient, loves to answer questions, and really cares that you learn and use this to help build a successful business.  Sign up…you will be so glad you did!

Susan M.

I’ve been using the new tools from the Audacity Course for auditioning today and my stuff sounds a MILLION times better.  Life changing!

Terri P.

I completed your Audacity class in December. I just wanted to let you know that I cannot say enough about how informative your class was for me. Prior to taking your class I didn’t feel confident with editing or using Audacity software. But.. by Session 3, that all changed!

Tish C.

A Note From Larry…

This Course will teach you the Six Key Elements every Professional Editor knows and how to execute them. These skills are learned by practicing the Six Key Elements repeatedly, expanding your listening skills, and mastering them until they become second nature. Hence, the reason this is not just a one-time 2-hour session. During the Course, you will record, edit, and submit your work after each live session for comments and adjustments.

The details:

The Course typically takes place over 5 consecutive Mondays (there are exceptions), 5:00pm-6:30pm Pacific Time. 

IT IS NOT MANDATORY to be on all live sessions but highly recommended.

After each live sessions you will receive the recording of the live session and all Coursework that you will need to complete prior to the next session (due on Thursday).

PLUS you will have 100% access to Larry for one-on-one coaching outside of class time to assist with any questions or challenges that come up. 


You must have basic computer skills, including file folder creation & downloading, cutting and pasting, dragging & dropping, use of Zoom and Dropbox and some experience with AUDACITY.

Review Audacity, Use of Keystrokes, Basic Editing, Correct Volume, Exporting Files and Understanding Noise Floor

Importing Files, Dealing w/Noise Floor, Breath Removal, Dealing w/Plosives, Using Hard Limits, Normalization and Labeling Tracks

Assessing Your Noise Floor, Dealing w/Snaps, Use of Crossfades, Use of Effects Chain, Exporting Multiple Tracks

Complete Edit Sequence, Add Music Bed, Digital "Legal Squeeze" Watermarking, Advanced Exporting

Tech Talk: Change tracks from Stereo to Mono, Using Skype as a "Phone Patch", Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones, Mic position, Personal Studio Acoustical Treatment and a Q & A on any Audacity Topic

  • Setting Up and Using Dropbox correctly
  • Setting Up Audacity for Speed (arranging Tools and View)
  • Setting Up Keystrokes
  • Clearing Out Unused Plugins
  • Review of AUDACITY Setup
  • Review of Keystrokes/Setup
  • Settings / Setup For Effects
  • Correct Recording Settings
    1. Microphone Volume and Playback
    2. Recording
  • Control Panel Review
    1. Start Recording (options)
    2. Play Recording (options)
    3. Stop Recording (options)
    4. Audacity Tools Tool Bar Use
    5. Cursor and other options
  • Editing
    1. Understanding Noise Floor
    2. Zooming In/Out (options)
    3. Cutting and Pasting
    4. Doing Pickups
    5. Removing Breaths
    6. Track Control Panel Functions
  • Noise Floor (assessing)
  • Saving / Exporting Tracks
    1. Audacity Files
    2. WAV, AIFF, MP3
    3. Filing
  • Importing/Dragging files into AUDACITY
  • Noise Removal (settings and use)
  • Removing Breaths (silence)
  • Dealing w/ Plosives
  • Using Hard Limiter and Normalization
  • Labeling Track Sections (single & range markers)
  • Assessing Your Noise Floor
  • Removing Snaps
  • Using Crossfades
  • Creating and Use of Effects Chain
  • Exporting Multiple Individual Tracks
  • Complete Recording Edit
  • Splitting Tracks into Sections / Using Time Shift Tool
  • Add Music Bed
  • Fade In / Out (not Crossfade)
  • Shrink / Stretch Time of Audio
  • Watermarking
  • Exporting Tracks With Specific kbps Requirements
  • Changing Tracks from Stereo to Mono
  • Using Skype as a “Phone Patch”
  • Equipment & Personal Studio Discussion and Reference List (Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones, Acoustic Room Treatment)
  • Q & A on any Audacity Topic

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