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All Live Sessions take place on your computer via Zoom


LEARN Adobe AUDITION & STREAMLINE Your Editing Skills!

You have struggled long enough!
Learn a work flow that will refine your editing and take your recordings from good… to GREAT!

Total Investment – $350

Reviewers Welcome!

Have you already been through the program and want a refresher?

I’ve used Adobe Audition for over ten years, and still I had more to learn! Larry’s course filled in those missing gaps and more! Worth every single penny!


I have learned more about editing in these few weeks than I have in the past 10 years! His teaching style is relaxed, comprehensive, and step-by-step, so you learn one concept and move on to the next. If you watch the replay videos again after watching live on the assigned night and do the coursework, you’ll be guaranteed success. 


Thanks to your Audition training, I increased my per finished hour audiobook rate to $75 per finished hour, due to increased sound quality. I told an existing client this and they still offered me 2 more books!


I’ve been using the new tools from Larry’s Audition Course for auditioning today and my stuff sounds a MILLION times better. Life Changing!


I just took Larry’s Adobe Audition 5-Session Course after taking his Audacity class several years ago. He not only teaches and provides you the videos of the sessions, but he also gives you coursework assignments to make sure you actually gained the knowledge from the live sessions. He reviews your work thoroughly and gives you evaluations with suggestions. He even offers to help you in so many ways even after you are done with the course. He is very passionate about all of his students succeeding and he is always a phone call or a Skype call away. 


Thank you, again, for all you taught me in the Audition Course and about editing in general.  I use your techniques and just shake my head in happiness at how helpful they are and the ease they provide for our craft.

Marie A.

Wow! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your guidance throughout the Adobe Audition course. I’ve made a quantum leap in my understanding of and ability with professional VO work. Your generosity in helping outside of the live Sessions is unprecedented in my experience!

Teresa M.

I am an “old-school talent” who never had to be an “audio engineer.” I am so grateful that you have put the Adobe Audition course together. It has been a HUGE help and as important as all the vocal coaching, training, and practice. Thanks to you, I feel (and I am) competent enough to create professional, broadcast-quality VoiceOver recordings.

Merlen H.

A Note From Larry…

After more than 13 years as a voiceover actor editing 1,000’s of auditions and paying jobs I have learned the specifics of what goes INTO a great recording and editing job.

I have had more than 600 Adobe AUDITION students and they all say that this Course gave them the foundation to produce amazing recordings with ease and confidence.

This Course will not only teach you how to use Adobe AUDITION, but you will learn Six Key Elements that every professional VO editor focuses on and deals with. This is mastered by 1) knowing what those elements are 2) practicing them repeatedly so they become second nature 3) by strengthening your listening skills. This is the reason the Adobe AUDITION Course is over 5 Sessions and not just a one time 2 hour session. Each week you will have Coursework to complete and submit for comments. This is about you executing the work, not just watching me!

The details:

The Adobe AUDITION 5-Session Training Course will typically take place over 5 Mondays except when a holiday falls on a Monday, from 5:00pm-6:15pm Pacific Time.

IT IS NOT MANDATORY to be on all live sessions but highly recommended.

After each live session you will receive the recording of the session and all Coursework that you will need to complete prior to the next session (due on Friday).

PLUS you will have 100% access to Larry for one-on-one coaching outside of class time to assist with any questions or challenges that come up.



You must have basic computer skills, including file folder creation & downloading, cutting and pasting, dragging & dropping, use of Zoom and Dropbox and some experience with Adobe AUDITION or another recording program.


Review Audition, Correct Set Up, Understanding Noise Floor, and Saving & Exporting Files

Importing Files, Removing Plosives, Dealing with Noise Floor, Removing Breaths and Using Point & Range Markers

Complete Edit Sequence, Use of Smooth Fades, Use of Spectral View/Auto Heal and Using the Hard Limiter and why

Review of Complete Edit Using All Techniques, Squeezing Stretching Time of Audio and Exporting Tracks with Specific kbps Requirements

Tech Talk: Using Skype as a "Phone Patch", Equipment & Personal Studio Discussion with reference list for Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones & Acoustic Area Treatment

  • Correct Setup and Use of Dropbox
  • Setting Up Adobe AUDITION For Speed
    (window arrangement & settings)
  • Setting Up Favorites and Keystrokes
  • Review Adobe AUDITION Setup
  • Review of Keystrokes/Setup
  • Complete Control panels review
  • Correct Recording Settings
    1. Microphone Volume and Playback
  • Noise Floor
    1. Understanding Noise Floor
    2. Assessing YOUR Noise Floor
  • Editing
    1. Understanding the Six Key Elements of Recording and Editing
    2. Use of Silencing, Normalizing, Cutting & Pasting
  • Saving / Exporting Tracks
    1. WAV, MP3 (the differences)
    2. Filing
  • Importing/Dragging/ Opening files in Adobe AUDITION
  • Removing Plosives
  • Noise Removal (settings and use)
  • Removing breaths (silence)
  • Labeling Track Sections (point & range markers)
  • Smooth Fades In & Out
  • Using the Spectral view
  • Removal of unwanted mouth noise using Auto Heal
  • Using the Hard Limiter before Normalizing and why
  • Complete Recording Edit
  • Squeezing/Stretching Time of Audio
  • Exporting Tracks with Specific kbps Requirements
  • Using Skype and Zoom as a “Phone Patch”
  • Equipment & Personal Studio discussion with reference list for Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones, Acoustic Room Treatment)
  • Q & A on any Adobe Audition Editing Topic

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