LEARN The 6 KEY Elements for Creating GREAT VO Recordings!
You won’t learn by watching others.
This is the course TO DO THAT!


This is a 5-Session ONLINE Course where we meet for 5 sessions via ZOOM.

Session 1: Review Audacity, Effects Setup, Use of Keystrokes, Understanding Noise Floor, Basic Editing, and Exporting Files

Session 2: Importing Files, Dealing w/Noise Floor, Breath Removal, using Hard Limiter and Why, Labeling Tracks Session

Session 3: Dealing w/Plosives, Crossfades In & Out, Use of Effects Chain, Exporting Multiple Tracks Session

Session 4: Complete Edit Sequence, Splitting Tracks, Add Music Bed, Digital “Legal Squeeze”, Watermarking, Exporting Tracks w/ Specific kbps Requirements

Session 5: Tech Talk: Using Skype as a “Phone Patch”, Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones, Mic position, Personal Studio Acoustical Treatment and a Q & A on any Audacity Topic


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