*Next session begins Monday, February 17, 2020

All Live Sessions take place on your computer via Zoom

TwistedWave is one of the most popular recording programs in voiceover for MAC

But… You have to know WHAT goes into great editing and why

Come Learn the 6 KEY Elements to Recording & Editing Voiceover Tracks

Total Investment – $325

Reviewers Welcome!

If you have already taken one of my other DAW 5-Week Courses you can review with TwistedWave

The details:

The TwistedWave 5-Session Training Course will take place over 5 consecutive Mondays, 5:00pm-6:15pm Pacific Time.

IT IS NOT MANDATORY to be on all live sessions but highly recommended.

After each live Session you will receive the recording and all Coursework that you will need to complete prior to the next session (due on Friday).

PLUS you will have 100% access to Larry for one-on-one coaching outside of class time to assist with any questions or challenges that come up.


You must have basic computer skills, including file folder creation & downloading, cutting and pasting, dragging & dropping, use of Skype and Dropbox and some experience with TwistedWave or another recording program.

Review TwistedWave, Set Up, Keyboard Shortcuts, Making a Recording and Saving & Exporting Files

Importing Files, Removing Plosives, Dealing with Noise Floor, Removing Breaths and Using Markers

Complete Edit Sequence, Use of Fade In & Out and Exporting Multiple Files with Markers

Review of Complete Edit Using All Techniques, Squeezing Stretching Time of Audio, Watermarking Audio Tracks and Exporting Tracks with Specific kbps Requirements

Tech Talk: Using Skype as a "Phone Patch", Equipment & Personal Studio Discussion with reference list for Microphones, Interfaces, Headphones & Acoustic Area Treatment

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